10 Most Valuable Rare Pennies & Their Fascinating Stories

Most of the time, a penny is worth just one cent, but in the case of the most valuable pennies, they can be worth thousands or even millions of dollars. 

If you're sorting through your pocket change, it's good to know how to spot the difference between a simple chunk of copper and a coin collectors would fight over.

There's something special about each penny on this list. Some, like the 1792 Birch Cent, are almost as old as the country. 

Others are in unbelievably perfect condition, despite being minted decades or even centuries ago. 

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And some examples, like the 1958 Double Die Lincoln Cent, represent a pretty big oops at the mint where they were made. 

Need to Know Most super valuable pennies tend to be rare, but there are lots of surprising factors that can make them so uncommon.

Quick Reference List of the 10 Most Valuable Pennies If you're out and about or just quickly sorting your change, it helps to have a handy reference list of the most valuable pennies.

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