10 of the Most Valuable US Gold Coins

1854-S Coronet Half Eagle Value: $2.16 million. The 1854-S Coronet Half Eagle proves that it always pays to take a second look at any interesting coins you own.

Appraisers said it was a counterfeit, but the collector was sure he had something special. Upon further review, it turned out to be real — and his persistence paid off to the tune of $2.16 million.

1808 Capped Draped Bust Quarter Eagle Value: $2.35 million. Check your collection for highly desirable single-year coins such as the 1808 Capped Draped Bust Quarter Eagle.

According to USA Coin Book, 2,710 of them were minted — and, depending on their condition, they can be among the world’s most valuable coins.

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1795 $10 9 Leaves Eagle Value: $3.36 million. In January 2022, 8,500 bidders gathered for a Heritage auction that pulled in more than $74 million. 

The star of the show was a 1795 $10 9 Leaves Eagle, which smashed all previous records for the coin when it sold for $3.36 million.

1907 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Value: $4.75 million. In 2007, one of the finest examples of the 13 to 15 known 1907 Saint-Gaudens Ultra High Relief $20 Double Eagle gold coins sold for $1.84 million

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