1937 Buffalo Nickel Value Guide

However, your numismatic collection can fetch a fortune for its significance, melt value, and misstruck errors.

What Is the 1937 Buffalo Nickel Made Of? Except for the coin’s reverse, the Type II 1937 Buffalo nickel resembles the Type I of 1913.

In the 1937 version, the bottom of the reverse has been redesigned. The buffalo, formerly standing on elevated ground, is now on a line or a plane.

The word FIVE CENTS, previously written on the mound, is now concealed by a recessed area below the line, guarding it against deterioration. 

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The Buffalo nickel was produced using this style from 1913 to the end of the Buffalo motif in 1938.

1937 Buffalo Nickel Varieties The 1937 Buffalo nickel has a face value of $0.05 or five cents and has a metal composition of 75% Copper and 25% Nickel.

This plain-edged coin has a diameter of 21.20 millimeters and weighs 5.00 grams.

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