1940 Mercury Dime Value Guide

What Is the 1940 Mercury Dime Made Of? The 1940 Mercury dime is made of 90% silver and 10% copper. It has an actual silver weight (ASW) of 0.0723oz, a reeded edge, a diameter of 17.9 mm, and a weight of 2.5 grams.

The original design of the Mercury dime was made by the renowned German-born American sculptor Adolph Weinman.

The design and model of the young Liberty on the coin were interesting. Weinman didn’t disclose the model’s name for his design.

1940 Mercury Dime Varieties The 1940 Mercury dime features a unique design that most people easily recognize. Here are the Mercury dime varieties minted in 1940

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1940 S Mercury Dime The San Francisco Mint produced a slightly lower number of dimes in 1940 compared to 1939. However, in 1941, you’ll see a drastic increase of up to 175 million dimes.

1940 P Mercury Dime The Philadelphia Mint produced more than 65 million dimes. It is slightly lower compared to the mintage figure in 1939.

1940 Proof Mercury Dime Aside from standard-struck dimes, the Philadelphia Mint also produced proof dime coins.

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