1941 Mercury Dime Value Guide

What Is the 1941 Mercury Dime Made Of? The 1941 Winged Liberty Head (Mercury) dime has a reeded edge and a metal composition of 90% Silver and 10% Copper.

1941 Mercury Dime Varieties The 1941 Mercury dime was produced soon after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Collectors enjoy this coin because of its historical relevance, 

The Treasury discontinued these beautiful coins in 1945 in favor of a new model that paid tribute to the late President Roosevelt. 

Nevertheless, the Mercury dime is still one of the most sought-after American coins in modern times. These were reissued in 2016 by the US Mint to mark its centennial.

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1941 S Mercury Dime The 1941 production of dimes at the San Francisco Mint more than doubled that of the previous year.

Although many examples are up to the grade of MS-67 FB, Full Bands coins make up a small portion of the survived specimens.

1941 P Mercury Dime An increase in the production of military materials for its allies was abundantly seen in the American economy in 1941. 

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