1943 Lincoln Steel Penny Value Guide

Usually, the Lincoln penny was made of 95% copper and 5% tin and zinc. The composition used for the pennies struck from 1909 to 1942 and from 1944 to 1982.

Now, you might ask, why was the 1943 Lincoln penny turned into steel? The simple answer is that the United States was in the middle of World War II. 

In 1943, there was a shortage of copper. Copper was massively used to win the war overseas.

1943 Lincoln Steel Penny Varieties The 1943 Lincoln steel penny was struck in the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mint

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1943 D Lincoln Wheat Penny When the 1943-D wheat penny and other varieties were released, many people hoarded them due to their unique look.

The US Mint produced beautiful steel pennies, and thus, you should be able to find 1943-D Lincoln cents in circulated and uncirculated conditions.

China-Heilungkiang ND 1896 50 Cents Brass Pattern This brass 50-cent coin was struck from dies made by Otto Beh, a German manufacturer who specialized in Chinese coins.

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