1978 Kennedy Half Dollar Value Guide

Is A 1978 Kennedy Half Dollar Silver? The US Mint stopped producing silver coins in 1971 and that included the Kennedy half-dollar coins.

The silver Kennedy half-dollar coins were produced before 1970. So, if you see a Kennedy half-dollar with a year 1970 or earlier, then it is more likely that it has a silver composition.

1978 Half Dollar Varieties There are different varieties of the 1978 half-dollar coins. Most of them differ based on their mint marks. 

You can also find half-dollar coins with errors, which make them rare and unique. Here are some of the most common varieties of 1978 fifty-cent coin:

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1978 P Half Dollar (No Mint Mark) The 1978 P half dollar (no mint mark) is struck in the Philadelphia Mint. Around 14,350,000 half-dollar coins have been struck in this mint.

If you have a 1978 P half-dollar coin, you may be able to sell it for $0.50 to $2.50, which is the usual selling price.

1978 D Half Dollar The 1978 D half dollar is struck in the Denver Mint. Around 13,765,000 half-dollar coins have been struck in this mint.

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