3 Ultra Rare Penny Coins Worth a Lot of Money

Pennies are often overlooked in the world of coin collecting, dismissed as common and of little value.  

These coins are not only prized for their rarity but also for their historical significance and unique characteristics.  

In 1943, due to the scarcity of copper during World War II, the United States Mint produced pennies using zinc-coated steel.  

However, a small number of pennies were mistakenly struck using bronze, which was intended for use in 1942.  

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These bronze pennies are incredibly rare, as only a handful were minted before the error was discovered and corrected. 

One of the most famous 1943 bronze pennies is the example owned by Don Lutes Jr., who found it in his pocket change in 1947.  

Its rarity and the controversy surrounding its existence make it a highly sought-after piece among collectors. 

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