5 Coins with Secret Messages and Their Meanings

Coins have long been more than just a medium of exchange; they are often intricate works of art and vessels of history.  

The 1797 Cartwheel Penny, issued during the reign of King George III, is notable for its size and weight, being nearly twice as thick as other pennies of the time.  

The coin features a seated Britannia, with a trident in her hand and a shield beside her. 

Upon close inspection, the shield bears the letters "K" and "P," which stand for King and Parliament.  

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This subtle detail symbolized the ongoing balance of power and the constitutional monarchy in Britain, a significant political statement during an era of revolutionary change in Europe. 

Designed by sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, the coin features a majestic depiction of Lady Liberty striding forward, holding a torch and an olive branch.  

The coin's design was also intended to symbolize the dawn of a new century and America's emergence as a global power. 

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