6 Pennies from the 1800s Worth a Lot of Money

1856 1C Flying Eagle Penny The smaller penny wasn’t coined for circulation until 1857, but a few hundred proofs were coined for inspection by members of Congress a year earlier

The 1856 coin was minted in Philadelphia with an extremely low mintage of 634. 

1864 1C L on Ribbon, RD The 1864 Indian Head penny has an “L” on the ribbon behind the Indian Head and next to the bottom feather. 

A coin in good condition is worth $68, and uncirculated is around $519. According to USA Coin Book, a Proof coin can be worth $34,788 or more.

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1871 1C, RD The 1871 Indian Head penny is part of a series of Indian Head, Shield Reverse coins struck between 1859 and 1909.

A coin in average condition is worth around $60, while one in mint state could be as much as $875, according to CoinTrackers.com

1872 1C, RD The 1872 Indian Head penny is another valuable coin and part of the Indian Head, Shield Reverse series.

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