6 Pennies from the 1900s Worth a Lot of Money

1914-S Lincoln Penny The 1914-S Lincoln penny was issued from the San Francisco Mint. This penny was part of the Lincoln cent series

The obverse features a portrait of Lincoln, while the reverse has two wheat ears. A penny in mint condition could be valued at around $3,200.

1922 No D Lincoln Penny The 1922 No D Lincoln penny is by far the most valuable of the 1922 cent types. A coin in mint state could be valued at around $6,000, according to Coin Trackers.

1924 S Wheat Penny The 1924-S wheat penny was minted in San Francisco. According to Coin Trackers, the Red (RD) flavors of the coin are worth the most.

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A coin in average condition is only around $4, but a mint-condition 1924-S wheat penny could be valued at around $12,000.

1943 Bronze Lincoln Penny In 1943, the U.S. switched to zinc-coated steel to help save copper during World War II. 

More than one billion 1943 steel cents were struck, Gainesville Coins reported, but some were accidentally made from bronze planchets. 

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