7 Foods and Drinks You Should Never Microwave

Microwaving eggs, whether they are whole, in the shell, or even just the yolk or whites, can lead to explosive results 

This not only creates a mess but can also result in burns from the hot contents. If you need to cook eggs quickly, opt for methods like boiling or frying instead. 

Spicy chili peppers, particularly varieties like jalapeños or habaneros, should not be microwaved.  

Capsaicin is the compound responsible for their heat and can irritate your eyes, nose, and throat if inhaled.  

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Microwaves heat unevenly and can create hot spots in the milk, potentially scalding the baby's mouth.  

It's recommended to thaw or warm breast milk by placing the container in warm water instead. 

Microwaving frozen meat may seem convenient, but it often leads to uneven cooking. 

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