1988 Washington Quarter Value Guide

Uncirculated (MS-60 and higher): An uncirculated 1988 Washington quarter, showing no wear and retaining its original mint luster, typically ranges in value from about $1 to $3, depending on its condition and if it has a mint mark  

Extremely Fine (EF-40): In extremely fine condition, the coin will have light wear on the highest points but still maintain much of its original detail. A 1988 Washington quarter in EF-40 condition is generally valued around $0.50 to $1. 

Very Fine (VF-20): A very fine 1988 Washington quarter shows moderate wear but the major details and lettering are clear. Its value ranges from approximately $0.25 to $0.50. 

Fine (F-12): Coins in fine condition have noticeable wear but the overall design is still visible. A 1988 Washington quarter in F-12 condition is valued around $0.15 to $0.25. 

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Good (G-4): Good condition indicates a well-circulated coin where the details are worn but still distinguishable. A 1988 Washington quarter in G-4 condition is generally valued around its face value of $0.25. 

Mint marks can affect the value, with quarters minted in Denver (D) or San Francisco (S) often being slightly more desirable to collectors. 

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