8 Rarest U.S. Mint Error Coins Ever Produced

An error coin can be caused by equipment malfunction during the process of minting. It can also happen due to unintentional human intervention or simply by accident.

1942/1 Die Error Mercury Dimes It is an example of a die error coin. In this coin, two different dates got overlapped due to an error in the die preparation process. 

It is one of the most prominent errors in all the coins ever produced by the US Mint. When changing the obverse die for this coin, the last digit of the previous year’s date was not fully removed.

As a result, in the minted coins, you can see both the digit 1 and 2 (of 1941 and 1942). This error is commonly known as an overdate error. 

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1922 No D Lincoln Cents No 1922 Lincoln pennies were minted in the Philadelphia mint (where the coins would not receive a mintmark).

All of them were minted in Denver mint and should have a D mintmark on the obverse side. However, due to the use of a heavily worn die, the D mint mark was weak in some coins.

1969-S Lincoln Cent- Doubled Die Obverse It is estimated that there are only about 40 to 50 specimens of 1969-S Lincoln penny-doubled die coins that survive today.

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