Do Not Spend This Wheat Penny: How to Spot Them

1914-D Wheat Penny Significance: The 1914-D Wheat Penny is especially scarce. With just over a million minted, its rarity makes it a prized possession.

How to Spot: Look at the date and the mint mark. If it reads 1914 with a ‘D’ mint mark, you might have a winner.

1917 Double Die Obverse Wheat Penny Significance: The highlight of this coin is the double lettering due to a minting error.

How to Spot: Examine the coin’s front (obverse) for double lettering, which is a clear indication of this rare piece.

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Value: Even a poorly graded coin of this type can garner over $180. With a good grading, its worth can skyrocket into the thousands.

1922 D Mintmark Error Wheat Penny Significance: The coin has a missing ‘D’ mint mark, making it a rare find. Note that this error is also prevalent in the 1924 and 1931 editions.

1936 Double Die Obverse Wheat Penny Significance: This coin is characterized by its double lettering on the obverse due to a minting error.

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