Do You Own This Rare Quarter Worth Up to $95,000?

Coin collecting is a hobby that has fascinated enthusiasts for centuries. 

Occasionally, a rare coin emerges that can command a staggering price at auction.  

This remarkable coin has been known to fetch up to $95,000 due to its unique characteristics and rarity. 

Let's delve into the story behind this valuable coin and how you might identify one in your collection. 

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The 1970-S Washington quarter struck on a 1941 Canadian quarter is a numismatic anomaly that occurred during the coin production process.  

This error coin is the result of a planchet mix-up at the San Francisco Mint. A planchet is the blank piece of metal that is struck to create a coin. 

In this rare case, a planchet intended for a 1941 Canadian quarter somehow ended up being used for the minting of a 1970-S Washington quarter. 

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