dog breeds for every zodiac sign

In contrast, those signs that are total homebodies and love a good night in (that would be you Cancer, Taurus and Pisces) will likely find they're best suited to a sensitive pup who loves a good snuggle. 

We've rounded up the best dog breeds for every zodiac sign. So regardless of whether you love being active and social and are looking for a high-energy pup or you're a sensitive soul in need of a gentle giant, you'll find the perfect canine companion for you. 

Cancerians are know for their sensitivity, but they can also be moody at times too - not in a bad way, they just feel things deeply and because of that, are prone to more emotional ups and downs. 

Chihuahua's are super loving and at the same time, they're very picky about who they choose to form close bonds with - which is very much like Cancerians. 

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This breed is also very affectionate and will only be too happy to give you a cuddle when you're feeling down. 

The Cairn Terrier is an upbeat and active little dog who will easily keep up with energetic Leo. 

Outgoing, playful, smart and adaptable, the Cairn Terrier shares many of the same traits as Leo and has a cheerful and happy nature that makes it a joy to have around. Family-oriented, this breed is always up for an adventure and like Leo, it displays true-blue loyalty. 

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