Each Zodiac Sign's Most Toxic Traits

Aries Aries, your toxic trait is your competitive nature and all that comes with it. Sorry to say, but you're kind of a sore loser.

You may not outwardly complain, but everyone sees you sitting off to the side stewing over the loss. 

Taurus Taurus, your toxic trait, perhaps unsurprisingly, has to do with your unrelenting stubbornness. More specifically, it's your inability to adapt to new situations.

Gemini Now Gemini, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. Gemini's toxic trait is their inability to stay still, they always need to stay moving.

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Cancer Cancer's toxic trait is their passive-aggressiveness. Cancers don't like confrontation, but love to wallow in grumpiness over a given situation.

Leo I personally find it a little inaccurate to say that Leos enjoy being the center of attention. That isn't always true, there are some shy Leos out there, but what they do want is to feel like the main character.

Libra Libras, similar to Cancers, are non-confrontational to the max. So much so that their avoidance is their toxic trait.

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