Every Zodiac Sign Ranked From Most to Least Logical

Whether you’re impulsive and emotionally driven or analytical, you probably fall on one side or the other of the logical/emotional coin. 

So call for heads or tails and discover the most logical zodiac signs and their less logical counterparts. 

Your natural aptitude for analysis, organization, and collecting data puts you leagues above others in terms of logical thinking. Maybe she’s born with it; maybe she’s a Virgo. 

When it comes to making decisions for a Virgo, emotions have no business being involved. 

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The cold, hard facts are the only things that matter. The way you can process a situation and confidently argue for the best decision makes you the efficient zodiac sign you are. 

Capricorn, you’re a close second to Virgo on the logical podium. You can’t fast-track your goals by making emotional decisions. 

Although you’ve got them, they’re buried deep under the surface and don’t peek out to complicate your thought process. 

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