FDA Issues Recall of 60 Ice Cream Products from 13 Different Brands

This recall is a proactive measure in response to potential contamination risks that could pose serious health hazards to consumers. 

The recall was initiated after routine testing by the manufacturers and independent laboratories identified the presence of harmful pathogens in several batches of ice cream products.  

The primary concerns are Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella, bacteria known to cause severe foodborne illnesses.  

Salmonella infection, while often resulting in milder symptoms, can also be severe, especially for vulnerable populations. 

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The recall spans 13 brands, each known for their popular ice cream products sold nationwide.  

Known for its artisanal flavors, has recalled five varieties including its popular Vanilla Bean and Mint Chocolate Chip. 

Specializes in low-calorie options, has pulled six products off the shelves due to potential contamination. 

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