1943 Lincoln Steel Penny Value Guide

Composition: In 1943, the United States minted Lincoln cents using zinc-coated steel instead of copper due to wartime shortages of copper needed for ammunition. 

Value Range: – In average circulated condition (Good to Very Fine), a 1943 steel penny is typically worth around 10 to 50 cents.

–  – Coins in better condition (Fine to Extremely Fine) might fetch prices ranging from $1 to $3.

If the coin is in uncirculated condition (never used), its value could be higher, potentially reaching $5 or more depending on its quality. 

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Mint Marks: Most 1943 steel pennies were minted in Philadelphia and do not have a mint mark.  

Copper Planchet Errors: If you happen to come across a 1943 penny that appears copper-colored, it could potentially be one of these rare error coins. 

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