Flowering Plants That Hummingbirds Don’t Like

The good news is that you can easily set up your yard to support hummingbirds in their flourishing, as they only need food, water, and shelter. 

Create a secure sanctuary for hummingbirds by using these ideas, whether your goal is to welcome them back or draw in new ones. 

At twenty to thirty miles per hour, hummingbirds hover, fly backward, and dart straight ahead, so it seems to reason that they would welcome a place to rest and refuel. 

Sandy Lockerman, a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania-based federally licensed bird bander, states that hummingbirds prefer to have a perch. 

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Over the course of the previous 12 years, she believes that she has banded about 4,000 hummingbirds. 

A high, slender branch left to grow past the main growth of bushes could make an ideal perch. 

small trees or poles close to feeders that provide sugar water and flowers that produce nectar, but far enough above the ground to keep cats and other predators away. 

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