How To Start Collecting Rare Coins With Just $50

Getting Started As a beginner with only $50 to spend, you should put your focus on buying affordable coins, which means starting with lower-grade varieties.

Because these coins have more wear or imperfections than high-grade coins, they cost less.

Another smart move is to start with smaller denominations or rare coins that are largely bypassed by dealers.

Doing this will help you gain experience and learn about grading standards while building your collection.

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You should also be picky about what you buy. Take the time to scout out the best deals on the largest quantities of coins rather than spending your whole $50 on a only one or two coins.

You can find some rare coins for a few dollars each, which means your $50 could land you a decent collection of 15 to 20 coins to start out.

Attend coin shows. Join a local coin club to network, make connections and learn more about the hobby.

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