Most Valuable Wheat Pennies, Ranked

1915 S Penny Value: Up to $1,500 Bottom line: The San Francisco-minted coin is one that's good for beginners, as its worth about $28 in average condition.

In mint condition, they typically sell for more than other pennies from the same year. The penny comes in reddish brown or brown hues The reddish brown version is the most sought after.

1909 S VDB Penny Value: Up to $2,200 Bottom line: This coin was designed by Victor David Brenner, who placed his full name on the base of the reverse, bottom center. 

Once the coins were released, some publications had a problem with the initials, saying they were free advertising for the designer.

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1926 Penny Value: Up to $3,000 Bottom line: Actually, 1926 wheat pennies are fairly common in a "good" grade and not worth much

which makes them especially popular among beginner coin collectors. However, mint condition ones can fetch into the thousands. This coin has no mintmark.

1922 D Penny Value: Up to $5,000 Bottom line: The 1922-D penny is one of the more common of the decade. However, the degree to which its mintmark disappears can drive up the price.

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