Pennies From 2023 Are Worth $600 - Check Your Pockets

According to the Instagram account CoinHubs, a tiny mistake on some pennies has them selling for up to 60,000 times their face value.

On all pennies, by the base of Abraham Lincoln, you can see the initials of the coin's designer, VDB, but on some 2023 pennies, next to the "VDB" is an extra V.

You'll definitely want to be on the lookout for the pennies with the extra initial, but those aren't the only ones to keep an eye out for.

Pretty much all pennies from before 1982 are worth more than one cent, and many others are worth thousands of dollars, while some are worth way, way more.

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It's not just pennies either, quarters, dimes, nickels and all other coins could be worth far more than face value.

So what should you do if you wind up with one? You can head to a pawn shop where they might give you something for it, though it almost certainly 

won't be what the coin is actually worth. You might be better off trying eBay, or finding a Facebook group for coin collectors and attempting to sell it there

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