Rare Bicentennial Quarter Valued at About $80 Million & Worth Over $20 Million USD 

The world of numismatics, or coin collecting, is filled with fascinating stories of rare and valuable coins that capture the imagination of collectors and enthusiasts alike.  

This particular coin, steeped in history and mystery, is valued at an astonishing $80 million and is considered worth over $20 million USD. 

The United States Bicentennial Quarter, also known as the 1776-1976 Quarter, was minted to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the American Revolution.  

It features a special reverse design by Jack L. Ahr, depicting a colonial drummer with a victory torch encircled by 13 stars, representing the original colonies.  

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These quarters were produced in large quantities and are still commonly found in circulation today.  

Unlike the standard copper-nickel clad quarters, this rare specimen is believed to be struck in pure silver.  

This anomaly occurred due to a minting error or special commission, making it one of the few, if not the only, Bicentennial Quarter of its kind. 

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