Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth $16 Million and 7 More Over $20 Million

The thrill of the hunt and unexpectedly finding a valuable piece is the drive behind “coin roll hunting” and some enthusiasts are cashing in up to $100,000, according to CNBC.

As CNBC’s Make It reported, in 2017, newbie hunter Megan Green lucked out after months of coin roll searching, uncovering a 1969-S Doubled Die 

Obverse penny which could have sold for $75,000 or more if its condition was better (Green’s was graded at $24,000).

5 Tips for Making Money From Coin Roll Hunting 1. Hunt Close to Home Beginning hobbyists will start their journey in earnest by going to banks and buying coins still in circulation.

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However, get into the practice of carefully examining coins by looking at what you’ve gathered in jars at home, relieved from friends

Be on Good Terms With Your Bank “Funding” your hobby means you’ll be spending a lot more time in your local bank branch. Or branches.

Silverrecyclers.com recommends using at least two banks, one for picking up boxes of rolled coins (that doesn’t charge you for it) and a “dump” bank to return coins you aren’t keeping

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