Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth $75 Million

1932 P Washington Quarter The 1932 mint of the Washington quarter was the first of its kind. At 5,404,000 made, over 80 percent of these coins were struck in Philadelphia. 

This means that, while this coin has some collectibility, it's less valuable than those struck in San Francisco and Denver, which are some of the rarest Washington quarters available. 

1935 S Washington Quarter The last year the mint adjusted the quarter dies was 1935. With Washington quarters well in circulation, 32.5 million coins were minted in Philadelphia

1940 D Washington Quarter The 1940 D Washington quarter, minted in Denver in 1940, had a run of 2,797,000. Made from 90 percent silver and 10 percent copper, 

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Its value depends mostly on its condition. An uncirculated coin can be worth several hundred dollars or more, depending on its grade.

1936 S Washington Quarter The 1936 S Washington quarter is not as rare as some other coins from the series, but it is still considered a valuable and desirable coin for collectors.

1937 S Washington Quarter By 1937, with more than enough Washington quarters in circulation, the U.S. Mint reduced overall coin production almost in half. 

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