Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $100 Million: 5 More Worth Over $30 Million USD | Rare Bicentennial Quarter 2024

Among these, a particular Bicentennial Quarter has recently captured the headlines due to its staggering value, approaching $100 million USD. 

Here, we delve into the story of this rare coin and highlight five more Bicentennial Quarters that have fetched over $30 million USD. 

In 2024, the numismatic community was abuzz with the discovery of a Bicentennial Quarter that shattered previous records. 

This particular coin is a 1976 Washington Quarter, issued to commemorate the 200th anniversary of American independence.  

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What makes this quarter so exceptional is its unique blend of rarity, historical significance, and near-perfect condition. 

This Bicentennial Quarter, graded MS-70 by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), is considered flawless.  

Moreover, this quarter features a rare minting error, where the double-die obverse is prominently displayed, making it a numismatic gem. 

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