Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth Nearly $89 Million USD & 9 More Worth Over $999,999 Gems 

The world of coin collecting is filled with fascinating stories and treasures that captivate enthusiasts and investors alike. 

Here, we explore the remarkable case of a Bicentennial Quarter valued at nearly $89 million USD and nine other quarters worth over $999,999. 

The United States Bicentennial Quarter, minted in 1976, was part of the celebration of the 200th anniversary of American independence. 

These quarters feature a unique dual date of 1776-1976 and a special reverse design depicting a colonial drummer.  

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While millions were produced, one particular Bicentennial Quarter stands out due to its extraordinary value. 

In a recent auction, this specific Bicentennial Quarter fetched nearly $89 million USD, an unprecedented amount for a coin of this denomination. 

The coin’s incredible value stems from a combination of factors: its pristine condition, a rare minting error, and its historical significance. 

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