Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra: All the rumors so far

You may not be thinking about the Samsung Galaxy S25 Ultra at the moment, but rest assured that Samsung is. Even with January's Galaxy S24 launch still fresh in the mind 

We know this because Galaxy S25 Ultra rumors are starting to emerge. We don't have nearly enough information at this point to get a full picture of next year's big phone release or how it compares to the best Samsung phones.  

But the tidbits we do have combined with Samsung's track record of smartphone updates should be enough to whet our appetite for more Galaxy S25 Ultra news. 

After Samsung put its full effort behind Galaxy AI features for this year's phones, expect that to continue with the Galaxy S25 lineup, including the Ultra. 

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As for Samsung's high-end phone, we're already hearing that some camera improvements could be at the top of Samsung's to-do list, as the phone maker tries to show Apple what it takes to make the best camera phone. 

It's far too early in the rumor cycle for the Galaxy S25 Ultra to say definitively when the new phone will arrive. Outside of an early 2025 release window, your guess is as good as ours.

Looking at the entire photo, we can see how the Galaxy Z Fold 5’s main camera offers a wider dynamic range than the iPhone 14 Pro Max. It’s especially noticeable in the shadows 

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