Simone Biles Says She Thought She Would Be ‘Banned from America’ After Failed Vault at Tokyo Olympics

The Tokyo Olympics were highly anticipated, not just because they were happening amid a global pandemic, but also because Biles was expected to dominate the gymnastics events. 

As the face of American gymnastics and a global sports icon, Biles carried the hopes and dreams of an entire nation on her shoulders. 

However, during the team final, Biles attempted a vault that went awry. 

This mental block can be dangerous, as it prevents gymnasts from controlling their bodies during complex aerial maneuvers.  

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Biles managed to land safely, but the vault score was significantly lower than her usual standards. 

Immediately after the vault, Biles withdrew from the team final and subsequently from several individual events, citing mental health concerns. 

While many praised her for prioritizing her well-being, others criticized her for “quitting” on her team and her country. 

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