Suits Season 7 Finale Will Set Up Gina Torres Spinoff

With its sharp dialogue, complex characters, and gripping storylines, the show has built a loyal fanbase. 

Jessica Pearson has been a cornerstone of "Suits" since the very beginning.  

As the managing partner of Pearson Specter Litt, Jessica is known for her intelligence, poise, and commanding presence.  

Her departure from the firm in Season 6 left a significant void, but her impact on the show and its characters remained undeniable. 

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The decision to create a spinoff centered around Jessica Pearson is a testament to Gina Torres's exceptional performance and the character's popularity. 

While details about the finale are being kept under wraps, there are several key elements that are likely to be addressed to set up the spinoff. 

The spinoff, titled "Pearson," will follow Jessica Pearson as she embarks on a new journey in Chicago.  

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