The Most Romantic Ways to Use Red Roses 

Bouquet: Present a classic bouquet of red roses. Choose a dozen for a traditional gesture of love, or opt for a larger bouquet for added impact. 

Rose Petals: Scatter red rose petals on a bed or around a candlelit dinner table to create a romantic ambiance. You can also sprinkle them in a bath or along a pathway leading to a surprise. 

Rose Bouquet Surprise: Surprise your loved one by placing red roses in unexpected places they'll discover throughout the day: on their pillow, in their car, or at their workplace. 

Rose-Infused Gifts: Give gifts that incorporate red roses, such as rose-scented candles, rose-scented bath oils or soaps, or even rose-flavored chocolates or teas. 

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Decorate with Roses: Use red roses to decorate a romantic dinner table, a bedroom, or any space where you'll be spending time together. 

Rose Garden Surprise: Plan a surprise visit to a rose garden or a botanical garden known for its roses. Take a leisurely stroll among the blooms and enjoy the beauty of the flowers together. 

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