The Zodiac Signs That Are Most Likely To Play Hard To Get

Gemini Geminis are the social masters of the zodiac. They enjoy going to an event and chatting up as many people as they can, moving quickly and swiftly

from one conversation to the next, never hanging around long enough for any solid connection to be made. At least, not one that they can follow up on.

Libra Libras, though having made it on this list of signs that play hard to get, are actually quite the flirt. 

They find a certain rush in playing that game with people, with no real thought about whether or not they want to pursue someone long-term.

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This means they have a lot of people hooked on them with no intention of following through, thus seeming very, very hard to get.

Pisces Pisces is a lover of attention, which might make you think that they'd be a rather easy romantic partner to pursue, but that's not quite the case.

While they're often wanting for a relationship when they're single, they're also not worried about that process taking time. 

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