These Are the 6 Best Careers for Pisces

As the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces understands the cycles of life. The twelfth house that Pisces is tied to as the twelfth zodiac sign represents endings, dreams, and fantasies.

Counselor or Psychologist Collective, societal healing is an important theme of the twelfth house, a theme Pisces may choose for their professional career path. 

All Pisces represent healing energy, particularly when we consider this zodiac sign's water elemental placement.

Nurse or Healer Any type of healing role, both literal or abstract, will appeal to the final sign of the zodiac

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Pisces are fantastic listeners, intuitive givers, and adaptable coworkers. Their compassion and professionalism will always ring true, especially in hospitals or other centers for healing.

Teacher Poised at the very end of the astrological wheel, Pisces see the future ahead of them while understanding the long road it took to get to where they are.

Salesperson All water signs make fantastic and persuasive salespeople given their ability to know what other people need to hear.

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