This 1 Zodiac Sign Is The Happiest Of Them All

Everyone has different goals and ambitions, but ultimately, the quest to find true and sustained happiness is probably one of life’s most important and ubiquitously shared endeavors. 

And while no one is made of rainbows and sunshine all the time, some people seem to have cracked the code of finding contentment and joy.

A birthday alone won’t determine your happiness levels, but there just so happens to be one zodiac sign that happens to be blessed with the passion and enthusiasm 

of the fire element combined with the optimistic influence of lucky Jupiter — and that’s free-spirited Sagittarius. 

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They’re Eternal Optimists Ruled by the ever-optimistic and faithful planet Jupiter, Sagittarians generally have a positive and hopeful outlook on life, and they have an easier time maintaining a glass-half-full mentality,

even if the going gets tough. As the sign symbolized by the cosmic archer, Sagittarius is about aiming high and setting their sights on lofty aspirations.

They Love To Celebrate There is no sign that loves a celebration quite like a Sagittarius does. These fun-loving fire signs are spontaneous and outgoing

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