Three More Worth Over $20 Million: A Glimpse into Numismatic Wealth

Numismatics, the study and collection of coins and currency, often reveals astonishing tales of wealth amassed through rare and historical pieces.  

One of the most famous and valuable coins in the world, the 1933 Double Eagle represents a unique chapter in American numismatic history.  

However, due to the Gold Reserve Act of 1933, which ordered the removal of gold coins from circulation, almost all 1933 Double Eagles were ordered to be melted down. 

Despite this, a small number managed to escape destruction through unauthorized means. 

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One such coin was acquired by King Farouk of Egypt before it was smuggled out of the country. 

Eventually, it was sold at auction in 2002 for $7.59 million, setting a record at the time for the highest price ever paid for a coin. 

In 2022, another 1933 Double Eagle was sold privately for a reported $20 million or more, solidifying its status as one of the most valuable coins in the world. 

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