Top 7 Zodiac Signs That Can Be Very Selfish Under Certain Situations

Scorpios are among the most self-centred zodiac signs, yet their narcissism is tolerable if others genuinely love them. 

Aries Aries is well aware that their motivation is always self-gratification. Even their loved ones have become accustomed to Aries' lack of consideration for others. 

Aries will not back down from a challenge, even if it means stepping on someone else's toes to acquire what they desire. 

Sagittarius Are you shocked to find that Sagittarius is among the selfish zodiac signs on this list? Anybody might be. The zodiac appears so laid back and relaxed, after all.

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Hanging around with this zodiac is so much fun that it's easy for everyone around them to ignore their evident shortcomings. Sagittarians have a risky level of self-importance. 

Gemini Being the gregarious butterflies of the zodiac, Geminis may sometimes make us forget how self-centred they actually are.

Their clever jokes and amusing anecdotes are nothing more than ruses to cover up their conceited dispositions.

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