What Signs Are Compatible With Cancer? Astrologer Reveals Everything You Need to Know

This friendly angle allows for a free-flowing, easygoing connection between the Bull and the Crab.

What zodiac signs are compatible with Cancer: Cancer When two people share the same sun sign, it's considered conjunct. And while you might imagine that sharing this quality would make for perfect harmony

The only asterisk on this is that at their worst, Cancers can be moody - even snappy - when they need to work through anything that's weighing on their heart. 

 Cancer: Virgo The mutable earth sign, ruled by messenger Mercury, is two signs, or 60 degrees, away from Cancer, and therefore, sextile to the sign of the Crab. 

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This friendly, breezy connection means that, at the least, The Maiden and the Crab are capable of becoming dear friends, but there's also a lot of potential for chemistry galore. 

Cancer: Scorpio The fixed water sign, co-ruled by go-getter Mars and transformative Pluto, is three signs, or 90 degrees, away from Cancer, so the two signs are trine one another. 

 A trine, the most harmonious angle that can exist between two signs, occurs when signs share the same element - in this case, water. 

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