Will a Praying Mantis Eat a Hummingbird?

The surprising answer is yes, under certain circumstances, a praying mantis can and will eat a hummingbird. 

The praying mantis is an ambush predator, relying on its camouflage and patience to capture prey.  

These insects have been observed eating a wide variety of animals, including flies, bees, spiders, and even small vertebrates like frogs and lizards.  

Hummingbirds, on the other hand, are known for their remarkable flying abilities, capable of hovering in place and flying in any direction with astonishing speed and precision.  

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These birds primarily feed on nectar, but they also consume insects and spiders for protein, especially during the breeding season. 

Despite their differences, there are instances where the paths of praying mantises and hummingbirds intersect, often around feeders or flowering plants where hummingbirds seek nectar.  

This creates an unusual but real opportunity for a praying mantis to capture a hummingbird. 

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