Worst Pets to Keep, According to Your Horoscope

Aries: Tortoises If you're an Aries, you want excitement and enthusiasm. Aries people get bored easily, and a tortoise will amuse them for about 15 minutes, tops.

After the novelty wears off, the reality of having a pet rock with a face sinks in. There is no excitement. You can't take your tortoise on a backpacking trip to Europe. 

Taurus: Snakes Taurus folks strongly value affection in their relationships. It seems obvious, but a snake isn't the best choice if you're in the market for a pet that loves you back. 

Gemini: Horses Geminis are the intellectuals of the astrological calendar. Have you ever met a horse? They're big and beautiful, but they are not exactly masters of wit. 

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Horses need to be gradually desensitized to everyday sounds and objects, like cars, barking dogs and even plastic bags.

Cancer: Scorpions Cancers value kindness and sensitivity, and the allure of a sinister-looking scorpion will not be appreciated by a Cancer. 

To them, what could possibly be cool about owning a giant bug with pinschers and a venomous stinger?

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