Zodiac Signs With Your Secret

Whether on purpose or not, they've been unable to hang onto anything they were told in confidence, sometimes leading to a sense of betrayal depending on how big that secret was. 

What if there was a way to protect yourself against that? There just might be, so long as you're paying attention to the right things when meeting someone new.  

Telling a trusted friend a secret only to have them turn around and share that with someone else can be a heartbreaking experience.  

The seriousness of the secret can affect the severity of the breach, but it's still a dissolvent of trust either way. 

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It changes how you look at that friend you believed had your best interests at heart. 

Everyone has the capacity and potential to spill a secret but to find out who's more likely to, you might want to look at their zodiac sign. 

Astrologer Brandyn Lee spoke to Bustle about the three signs that are most likely to spill your secrets and why, sharing insights about the differences in motivations between them. 

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